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The Gideon Hastings House is proudly named after its original owner – Colonel Gideon Alphonzo Hastings – who built his new home in 1848 to be next door to his father.

He was a local hero and one of Bethel’s most distinguished military men serving in the Civil War. He became a Major in June 1863, and took part in the surrender of New Orleans, the campaign of the Shenandoah Valley under General Sheridan and at the surrender of Savannah in Georgia. 

When originally built, the Gideon Hastings House followed a temple-like Greek revival style following the fashion during the founding years of Bethel.

The current owner, John Amann from Manahttan, meticulously restored this historic building to its former splendour, maintaining authentic detailing wherever possible. To ensure the high standards of quality and exclusivity are continued, family members manage the establishment.

The house is now part of the heritage Historic House District and is featured in television advertising by the Maine Department of Tourism.